So I haven’t really had much time to update my OSCA emulator lately. Following some comments in the discussion group, and finding myself stuck at home due to a rather splendid head cold, I decided to update the emulator to support OSCA version 672 (and therefore FLOS v608).

The major changes are the addition of new audio registers to allow the sound system to store samples in the entire memory space. Also added are panning registers allowing individual channels to be panned left/right/centre.

The only other change I’ve implemented is the expanded chunky bitmap mode (just in time for nyanmas to be useful once more – included in the SD Card image!)

Still not implemented:

  • Sprite Priorities (including the new priority registers)
  • Sprite Matte Mode
  • Smooth Scroll Register(s)
  • RS232
  • Probably a whole bunch more!

The emulator shouldn’t be considered a definitive reference for OSCA (it’s far from that!) but rather an appetiser for Phil’s rather wonderful board! The speed is a little “all over the place” sadly, and I still haven’t had time to resolve that (it’s an awkward thing involving the poor synchronisation of the 3 different threads – CPU, Audio and Video – as well as lousy throttling code).

Downloads below:

  OSCA_Emulator_1.1.rar (13.9 MiB, 759 hits)

  OSCA_1.1_SRC.rar (139.5 KiB, 703 hits)