It’s all so quiet! Shhh!


I guess this post is partly to advertise that I’m still around, and partly to announce that there’s nothing to announce!

Life has been quite busy for me lately – much has happened in my private life; whilst not all of it could be considered “good”, it’s ended up quite constructive overall, so it’s not all bad either!

On a personal note, I’m nearing the end of my first week “smoke-free” which has been, frankly, more of a challenge than I had originally expected. Feeling much better for it generally (sleeping better, overall much happier), though it’s darn tough at times when the cravings strike. I’m hoping to use this as an opportunity to get more coding done, but that probably won’t really happen until July onwards when I’m expecting to move house.

I’m still a little puzzled by why my sound code in the V6 emulator craps out under Windows 7 (and probably Vista too) – I noticed this when trying it out on a friend’s Core i7 machine the other day – but as this is the same as MFME, it’s clearly a DirectSound issue. Dilemma is whether I bother fixing it, as I have zero plans to move from XP for the foreseeable.

I learned that the new version of the V6Z80P  board should be nearing a production run (sporting an eZ80 @ 50MHz amongst other goodies), so that’s something to look forward to. Quite fancy taking a look at one of those PandaBoards too… Mmm… Too many toys 😉

Finally, I’m hoping to work some more on EPEE/JPeMu v4 – And still hoping to actually post something about the latter (EDIT: I posted a couple of screenshots from the prototype for the time being; better than nothing!). It’s not that it’s some top-secret thing, it’s just that I’ve not had the time to gather together together some sane information about it, and there’s not exactly much to screenshot. I have loads of ideas; what I don’t have is a reasonable starting point! That’s the current goal.


Hello world!

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Well it’s about time I suppose! Time to emerge into Web2.0 and join the ranks of those millions of others who have already mastered the tactics of spouting drivel; informing the joyous masses of their stomach contents; becoming wannabe film reviewers and so on.

My plan for the site is slightly different to that: sure, there’s bound to be the odd pointless rant, but generally it’s about providing a central location to house my coding work, in particular my emulation projects.

In the immortal words… Watch this space!