I have worked on a number of emulation projects in the past and they are showcased here. I have divided the emulation projects into 2 categories as there is a clear distinction between them.

Fruit Machines

This section contains all projects related to Fruit Machine Emulation. This includes the JPeMu [JPM IMPACT] emulator, MFME (Multiple Fruit Machine Emulator) [Multiple Technologies] and EPEE (EPoch Enhanced Emulator) [Maygay EPOCH], as well as some utilities for handling Fruit Machine EPROMS (eg. sampled sound)

Computer Systems

Projects to emulate and work with various computer systems are presented here. At present, this covers both the Sharp MZ-80B Emulator that I wrote some years ago, and the more recently created OSCA emulator which emulates the default architecture found on Phil Ruston’s marvellous V6Z80P board.

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