EPEE – The Epoch Emulator

EPEE began life with the intentions of bringing some new life to the world of FME – although many (most, in fact) of the games running upon it could be considered worse than the dredgings in the bottom of the barrel, they still hold a certain nostalgia factor for many. EPOCH would open the door to the newer (and hence most tragic) Maygay games, Global Games and likely others.

At the time I began developing EPEE, I was not sure how (or indeed if) it could be released, as I was working “within the industry” as it were and didn’t want to cause any upset to the company I worked for. Nevertheless, I still tried to work on it quietly. Quietly, that is, until a certain individual decided that it would be “better” for it to be released, in spite of the fact that it was nowhere near complete or even working.

No sooner had the project been announced, it had equally been denounced. The messenger was a liar. The project didn’t exist. He interfered with goats (or something). And of course I couldn’t release anything at that time save for a couple of screen shots, equally “fake” of course. I had no alternative but to withdraw from the project (publically at any rate) although I did carry on working on it in private. It’s still not finished; it’s not destined to be ever released (which is the subject for another post some other day), and, well, there’s a video below so you can decide for yourselves as to whether it’s real. Not that I’ll lose sleep over it if you don’t!

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