EPEE – Can of worms, or huge slice of baloney?

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So… another slice of FME controversy can be laid to rest. I’ve uploaded a page about EPEE which includes a very brief overview and a small flash movie showing it in action (of sorts!) but it’s worth mentioning a few additional points here:

  • It is not a finished product. It never has been, and it never will be.
  • It will never be released – it remains as a testbed to work on improving the emulation core of EPOCH
  • I am only posting information about it to quell some of the previous rumours about it

Hopefully this will show that it did (and does) exist, and can run EPOCH ROM’s (after a fashion), although there remain some issues to be solved – not least of which the fact that the Stake/Prize system and much of the electromechanical hardware is not implemented correctly (in other words, at the moment it’s largely hard-coded to enable test code to be booted).

What’s the goal/future? In a word – unknown. I dabble with the code from time-to-time, but generally speaking don’t have a lot of time or enthusiasm to work on it right now. I have other projects and which attract my limited attention, some of which I will likely blog about in the near future.


Potted FME history gets supersized

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I’ve added to the history of FME on the Fruit Machine Emulation page. Although it’s not 100% complete, it should give a more-or-less general overview, and frankly I can’t really be bothered to write much more about it now!

More accurate than a Wikipedia entry? Probably not. More interesting? Quite possibly. As useless? Oh yes! Enjoy!

FME – A potted history

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Tried to finish the FME page today but realised it would take longer than I originally realised to outline FME’s potted but nonetheless somewhat lengthy and involved history.

OSCA Emulator Added

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I have added screenshots and download links for my OSCA emulator. Instructions to be added soon…

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