I’ve uploaded a patched version of the V6Z80P OSCA emulator to the respective page. This patched version should just be unpacked over the top of the existing executable.

The major change with this version is the addition of (working!) Audio support – So now you can enjoy the MOD and PT3 players running under FLOS. I’ve made the output discretely stereo on each channel rather than fully left-or-right as it would be on the real hardware. There may well be issues with the Audio playback, but “it works for me pretty much(tm)”. The only major item left to do with Audio (besides the inevitable bug-fixing) is to add a linear resampler mode to smooth out the output.

I’ve also re-vamped the way that the display is updated. It isn’t the best implementation in all fairness, but that’s likely to be the next point of attention (in particular to add the sorely-lacking Tilemap mode and sprites). Also, the performance isn’t all that great, sadly: You may want to click the Options menu and disable both the video smoothing and auto-throttling (and drag that throttle bar way up!). Once the hardware is largely all implemented, I will revamp the timing mechanism used in the emulator (time permitting) to improve performance, especially when multiple cores/cpus are used.

Anyway – progress is progress, so I’m reasonably happy to have had some time to revisit the emulator after such a long hiatus.